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Total Torque Control Frame 2012-2015 ProClimb and ProCross 800cc
Finite-Element Stress Analysis
Optimized Thickness Profile
TTCF Installed
The Total Torque Control Frame (TTCF) redefines the drivetrain on your 2012-2015 Arctic Cat ProClimb or ProCross 800cc Sled. Made from solid 6061 aluminum, the TTCF replaces the inadequate extruded stock motorplate. With years of thorough testing on the snow, the TTCF has been proven to reduce clutch heat and significantly increase belt life while also reducing wear of critical chaincase components. 

The TTCF works by keeping the clutches in constant alignment. This is accomplished with two additional motor mounts that are incorporated into the TTCF design to provide a triangulated support structure that limits motor movement in all directions. Securing the motor prevents the jackshaft from wandering and causing misalignment of the clutches. Limiting jackshaft movement also prevents angular misalignment of the upper gear in the chaincase therefore reducing premature chain and gear wear as well as failure of the auto-tensioner. The TTCF is significantly stiffer than the stock piece and an Integrated Axial Bump Stop provides additional lateral support that prevents the motorplate from flexing in the middle and also resists bending of the jackshaft. 

Machined from 1/2 inch solid 6061-T6 aluminum, the TTCF has an Advanced Grid Stiffener (AGS) pattern and optimized thickness profile to maximize strength and reduce weight. Lightweight upper and lower brackets are included as well as all required hardware for installation.  

More power to the track and an efficient cool running drivetrain can now be achieved on the 800cc sleds with the TTCF. This is a must have part for aggressive riders and those who want to address the underlying problems with the 800cc drivetrain.  

*NOTE: We have confirmation that the TTCF does fit the 2016 models with the new Team clutches. Please contact us for more info.